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They belong to every Amsterdam pub, but move like a shadow without incarnation through the night. They come and go. I call them the Polaroid men. Sometimes with a bunch of roses, often just with a camera. They are always men. I never met a polaroid woman. These men mostly come from a country (Egypt, Bangladesh, India) where they think they have no future. In Amsterdam, their future comes together under the dubious screen of the street photographer. For they all carry the same camera, with the idea that they capture the festive mood of our evening, using a Polaroid photo.


Of course these shadow figures of the Amsterdam nightlife have a face too. An embodiment. This is why I changed the role in this project and photographed these men with their own camera. After all, they all have the same camera, which means that they always deliver the same photo format.

The photographed people show us historians, teachers or construction workers hoping to find happiness in the Europe. In need of a job. So we find them during their job as street photographer. And this is where the questions raise, because there has to be a lot more behind these people. For instance, where do these people live? How does their day look like before and after work? Who helps them to survive the city of Amsterdam? And how do they all come to use the same Polaroid camera and Polaroid cassettes?






Questions that we do not even realize when these people step into the light of the pub. And questions that remain unanswered.








2012 - 2013